What are we learning?

Recycling Program
This year, the 7th grade PBL class is going to be continuing the recycling efforts our PBL class started last year. To begin the year, Ms. Jones and Ms. Clough, explained to the students what can and cannot be recycled at our county landfill. Each week PBL students collect and sort the recyclable materials obtained by the middle school students and staff. As the year continues, the 7th grade PBL will continue the recycling efforts by implementing what they have learned about the importance of recycling and hope to continue and/or improve the recycling efforts at the elementary building.       IMG 6750
7th Grade Capstone
Currently in 7th grade Capstone class, they are designing an addition to the middle school that would allow our peers in 4th and 5th grade to join us on one campus. This project focuses on skills such as scale modeling, creativity, and providing/utilizing feedback. The students will begin creating their professional sketches and 3d models in the weeks to come.


Language Activity Mystery Classroom 8th Grade
The Crime: Someone teepeed Ms.Cagle’s house last night. Who did it?
Ms. Cagle’s students were chosen by Anonymous to help him figure out which Super Villain “did it” before the clock ticked down to zero. Students competed against other teams to correctly read and answer a series of online questions based on a specific curriculum. The answers unlocked video clues, evidence, and witness testimonies regarding the crime. After teams unlocked all of the clues and testimonies, they then had to problem solve and work together to solve the mystery and figure out “who did it”.
Some teams solved the crime while others let the suspect get away but all utilized valuable collaborative, communication, and critical thinking skills!  20191025 121231