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Mar 13, 2020

Coronavirus Information LATEST NEWS

coronavirus information

5-21-20 – Reopening of Softball and Baseball (high school) with limitations Starting JUNE 1st


Further Guidance was Released:

Reopening of HIGH SCHOOL AGE-LEVEL of BASEBALL and SOFTBALL ONLY will occur JUNE 1, 2020.

Clarity was also given that; weight-rooms, band-practice, drama productions are not permitted. When ask if weight-rooms could be used for softball and baseball practices the Department of Education indicated that it does not pass the “smell test” and would be considered “out of bounds”.

Iowa is the first state and ONLY state to have SUMMER SPORTS PROGRAMS and we are the first state to REOPEN with some sort of attempt for our public school functions. We must be cautious and smart about how we do this and schools are to know, this is a local decision on a VOLUNTARY BASIS and not required.

That stated, West Marshall will attempt to hold this voluntary season and to ensure protocol for players and fans can be followed. The intent of this is to give access to our student youth and an to learn life lessons around the game that can be impactful throughout life. If you believe you or any family member is at-risk, please do not attend and follow guidelines issued by the IDPH and CDC. We encourage all to review the protocol issued in the above linked document released by the Department of Education.


4.22.20 Update

We hope this information finds you ALL healthy being safe with your choices!

Please take a moment to dive in and notice our updates or simply acknowledgement of updates to plan for more updates. Who’s ready for a snow day? I feel like I’d rather face a few more of these than COVID-19! Click Here

3.30.20 ATTENTION…Volunteer Schooling Starts April 1st!!!

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3.19.20 Update

Lunch Available of Multiple Sites Starting 3-23-20 / Child care Now Available Starting 3-24-20


3.19.20 Update

School Board Set to Hold Special Session to Approve Resolution and discuss items directly linked to Covid-19 and the impacts on students and staff .

See Agenda Click HERE


3.16.20 Update




Currently Iowa Schools do not have the authority to count online-learning as instructional hours. This decision can only be changed by legislation. Whether emergency action or not, the DE or Governor does not have the authority to close schools statewide (as these are part of Iowa Code).

It is important to know (at this time) any online learning we may choose to offer students during a temporary closure, may not count toward the legally mandated 180 days or 1080 hours. Furthermore, we are currently operating under the snow day rule (days missed will be made-up). That said, the board and myself will act on the safety of students, using resources to protect students and staff transmitting the virus will be done, however no person knows when the virus will be exposed to our area and the rate of transmission.

Moral of the story at this time:

Days missed beyond the approved hours will need to be made up.

***Based on 1 day of school as 6.4 hours of instruction time***

Calendar Hours Approved – (Currently Built in the School Calendar) 1162 hours 11.25 extra days built in counting recess time


Currently the West Marshall Board of Education will need to determine the amount of missed days (IF-WHEN) the time comes due to the coronavirus and how we can ensure we meet the minimum 1080 hours.

Please know at this time West Marshall will operate under this scenario which allows students to miss 11.25 days and not have to make up additional learning (pending board approval).

All that said, we are in uncharted water and definitely on the leading edge of history. I would also recap that the above is how it stands currently. IF decisions are approved by legislation to implement ONLINE-LEARNING Options, I will release information and our plan to address this for all or certain grade levels.



Marshall County Supt. Message

Message from Mr. Einsweiler

Parents & Students –

Attached below is a document to help outline how the current situation in regards to the coronavirus has, and may, impact West Marshall High School.  With many of our students in college courses and extracurricular activities, there is potential for disruptions to the normal way of operation.  We want our parents and students to have a place to get the most up to date and accurate information.
The document is a live document, meaning it will be updated as new information is shared with us.  It will be available on the school website in the coming days and will be sent out in the future if there are significant updates.
If you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact us by email or by phone.  The high school office will be closed next week for spring break, but there will be staff in the superintendent’s office to support your questions if it is urgent.
Thank you for your flexibility and understanding around an unprecedented time that is sure to continue to impact our operation at least in the near future.