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Oct 26, 2020

Board Vacancy: Requesting Application for Appointment

Seeking an Individual for board appointment on November 11, 2020 board Session:

Pursuant to Iowa code 279.6, the West Marshall School Board publishes this notice of its intent to appoint a person to fill a vacancy on the Board.  Eligible electors of the West Marshall School District have the right to file a petition requiring that this vacancy be filled by special election. Petitions must be received by the board secretary within 14 days after the publication of this notice.  For detail and signatory requirements, contact the board secretary. If interested in applying, please contact Board Secretary Stephanie Edler at 641-483-2660 or for application.  
OPEN VACANCY (click here for) Application Google Doc

Application must be received electronically by Stephanie Edler or returned in person to the business office no later than NOON, November 6, 2020. Located at 601 3rd Street NW, State Center, Iowa 50247