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Oct 16, 2020

Virtual Scholastic Book Fair

virtual scholastic book fair

October 19th – November 1st

Boo fair flyer #2


This year things are a little different for our book fairs.  Scholastic offers a virtual online fair and that is what we will be doing.  Each year the book fair brings in funds to help purchases new books through out the year for your kids to enjoy.  Please help us out again this year by supporting us virtually.  Below are the links by building, purchases will be shipped to your home and BOOK ONLY PURCHASE over $25.00 is free shipping.  If you have children in 2 different buildings just combine your orders into one to save you the shipping.  There are way more books to choose from, so have fun looking with your kids. It looks like when you go to your building homepage there will be 2 different places to shop.  The online catalog has over 6000 titles, and then there is a virtual showcase which would of had the books in it that would of been sent to the school and could have different books.


6th-8th Grade Building Link


Preschool-5th Grade Building Link