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Aug 3, 2022

Sports Physicals-Bound

bound sports physicals

please do not do anything for the next school year until we give you the ok.  roll over will be july 1st

Additional Information as this link


REMINDER with HS sports practices begin August 8th, in order for them to participate your student must have all required forms uploaded in Bound to be registered for their fall sport.  As previously communicated all students participating in sports must register in Bound to be on the sport roster. With the move to registration through Bound it also requires their physicals and other paperwork be uploaded into this system; paper forms will no longer be accepted by the school office staff.      School employees can not register you in Bound as it is a security/ownership of the account issue, so you as the parent need to sign them up.  If you are having issues we will gladly help you and will have computers at registration to help you out if needed. 



The time has come to update everyone on another exciting change, this one involves sports physicals and registrations for fall sports and co-ed activities.  Below will be the link to set your student(s) up for fall sports/activities through BOUND (previously call Varsity Bound).  Bound has a nice video to show you what to do, take a look after you review the steps below.

  • Start by clicking the link, and then select “Find My Student”. Type in your student name, if you are new to the district this year, click on ADD your student and follow the questions it asks.
  • Once you have selected “proceed to dashboard” you will come to the page where you can select the sport or activities your child needs to register for.  (Note at this time we have only set up fall sports)   The system will guide you through the required information.
  • When you come to the document section, you as the parent will need to upload the completed front and back of the physical form, concussion form, insurance waiver and health card.  If your student’s physical has not expired yet and you don’t have a copy, please send us an email to and we can locate last year’s paperwork and enter it for you. NOTE UNTIL THESE FORMS ARE UPLOADED YOU CAN NOT COMPLETE THE REGISTRATION.
  • After you have completed that registration, on the left side you will see a picture of a house, click on that if you need to complete another registration for that student.  If you have more than one student in sports/activities, then you will click on the bottom left to locate your additional student and repeat the process above.

If you have any questions please reach out via the following email and we will get back to you with in 24 to 48 hours.