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Feb 9, 2024

WM Bond Advisory Committee Formation Spring 2024

WM Bond Advisory Committee Formation – Spring 2024

The West Marshall Board of Education is seeking individuals willing to serve on the Bond Advisory Committee. Please read the information below for recent history to help better understand the need for, goals of, and commitment should you be interested in serving on this committee.  

Recent History of Current Conditions:

Since 2019, the Board of Education has committed itself to seek capital project updates by reviewing the potential needs of the district. In 2019, their first step was to create a district partnership committee which included the board of directors, community members, SIAC (school improvement advisory committee) members and representatives from Studio Melee Architectural Firm to create a needs assessment of Capital projects, infrastructure updates, etc. with a goal to host three community forums seeking input from the general public on conceptual drawings and design tied to these projects. At that time the top priority identified by participants was the HVAC/Fire Sprinkler System installation and interior updates to the High School, including interior painting, new drop ceiling and floor finishes.  Those improvements were paid for with and continue to be budgeted using PPEL (Board/Voter) funds. 

Since 2020-21, current updates still remain as a high priority. The Board of Education remains diligent in continual improvement of facilities and needs for students, staff and community now and for many years to come. Having facility improvement at the top of the priority list, it’s important to recognize that construction costs have drastically increased over the past two years. Knowing this fact, the Board reviewed the most recent cost of construction aligned to all potential projects that were identified in our original 2019 needs assessment and found that since then, the costs of projects have tripled.  Simply using PPEL and SAVE funds would prolong updates or new additions knowing the pay-as-you-go method does not generate the adequate funding of immediate improvements, thereby requiring the use of some of those funds for the same project (first to bandaid and second to replace/repair/construct). 

Where we are now:  

Within the past 6 months, we learned of our current bonding capabilities as a district and now realize many of the large scale projects originally specified in 2019, even with our current district bonding capacity, would NO LONGER be possible.  This includes priorities such as a new elementary, a new field house, or an entire remodel of our Elementary Facility. 

It was during this financial discussion that the board determined that the next step is that the school should seek a bonding advisory committee.  

The main goals of the committee are to:

  1. Review current projects and scope determining their immediate needs; and,
    2. Make a recommendation to the board of education to seek a bond election in the fall of 2024 or simply continue to pay-as-we-go once funds are available. 

District Feedback:

It goes without saying that each 3 years we have released a district wide survey seeking our next capital project/infrastructure update. The top 3 areas still rank in no particular order.

  1. Career and Technical Education Addition to the HS with the potential of connecting the Middle School for safer mobility within the building. 
  2. Elementary Parent Drop-off Circle (west sides), allowing for new front entrance on the west side of the complex (with or without the current 4-5 building remaining in place). 
  3. Additional classroom space to be added at the middle school to accommodate learners and teachers from the 4-5 building, and additional space for robotics, potential instrumental music storage/instruction space, and activity program storage space.
    1. Note: this additional space was not bearing in demo of the 4-5 building, simply the building would remain if not used due to continued upkeep cost with cracking and falling plaster, septic draining lines collapsed on the east side of the building, roofing blader and tuck-pointing awaiting repairs. Also, noting the building’s 3rd floor was abandoned in 2012 due to lack of funds to fully restore back to classrooms and has not been occupied daily with any student or staff in the district.  

About the Committee:

Our goal is to seek 5 representatives from each category: Parents, Staff, Community Members. In addition, we are seeking 5 additional members as “Other”:  these individuals may be in one of the above groups, or could include others such as students, specific business owners/partners, residential owners and/or agricultural land owners. 

Interested?  Next Steps – Please Respond by 2/23: 

We ask those who are interested in serving to complete the Google form specific to what category you fall under by clicking on the respective link below.  If you cannot complete an online form, you may stop by the Business office at the High School between the hours of 8:00 am and 2:30 pm M-F to provide the information needed.  

  1. Parents/Guardians/Grandparents:   CLICK HERE for survey
  2. Staff/Educators:  CLICK HERE for survey
  3. Community Members/Other (representation of individuals residing in the West Marshall CSD):  CLICK HERE for survey

The business office will notify those respondents by 3:00 pm on February 23rd  to confirm their desired commitment of service. 

Dates: Feb 28, March 27, April 17, & May 22 (additional meetings may be scheduled at a later date if needed) 

Time: All meetings will be held from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM at the High School Library 

Note: If more than 20 individuals are seeking participation, priority will be awarded to those individuals paying property-tax directly funding the West Marshall Community School District.

We thank you for your interest in and commitment to the future of West Marshall!