West Marshall CSD Learning Opportunities

5-21-20 – Reopening of Softball and Baseball (high school) with limitations Starting JUNE 1st


Further Guidance was Released:

Reopening of HIGH SCHOOL AGE-LEVEL of BASEBALL and SOFTBALL ONLY will occur JUNE 1, 2020.

Clarity was also given that; weight-rooms, band-practice, drama productions are not permitted. When ask if weight-rooms could be used for softball and baseball practices the Department of Education indicated that it does not pass the “smell test” and would be considered “out of bounds”.

Iowa is the first state and ONLY state to have SUMMER SPORTS PROGRAMS and we are the first state to REOPEN with some sort of attempt for our public school functions. We must be cautious and smart about how we do this and schools are to know, this is a local decision on a VOLUNTARY BASIS and not required.

That stated, West Marshall will attempt to hold this voluntary season and to ensure protocol for players and fans can be followed. The intent of this is to give access to our student youth and an to learn life lessons around the game that can be impactful throughout life. If you believe you or any family member is at-risk, please do not attend and follow guidelines issued by the IDPH and CDC. We encourage all to review the protocol issued in the above linked document released by the Department of Education.

Temporary COVID-19 Connection Plan – What it looks like for West Marshall

As we navigate through our temporary school closure, West Marshall CSD feels strongly about the need to continue our mission of serving students, families and our community to provide opportunities for connection and enrichment. We also are cognizant of the state requirements to provide access and equity to all students. We will do this to the best of our ability.

WHY are we providing virtual opportunities?
  • Care for the mental health of students and staff
  • Re-establish a sense of normalcy and routine for our students
  • Parents/Guardians want students to learn and have structure
  • We believe that providing educational opportunities is important, and it’s best for students
West Marshall Opportunities Are:
  • Optional for students
  • Review of previously learned skills or concepts
  • Focused on feedback
  • A chance to virtually connect with staff members and students
West Marshall Opportunities Are NOT:
  • Required for students
  • Graded or Scored
  • Attended in-person or at school facilities
  • Though online learning opportunities are not required we would like students to participate as they are able. We hope parents will support the school and their child’s learning as we continue to move forward for this school year.  Continued practice of skills will help students to smoothly transition back to school, whenever we are able!
  • We understand families may have challenges beyond student learning right now. Our plan is fluid and may change based on state and federal guidelines. Please continue to check your email and our district website and Facebook page. If you feel these opportunities are not accessible for your student, please reach out to your building administrator. We will work with you to the best of our ability to make this possible.
How are we going to do this? 
  • Students and teachers will engage with this Web Portal linking to specific grade-level teachers and secondary specific Content Teachers. Staff have taken the principles mentioned above and created a plan to work for students and staff. Teachers are creating and scheduling Zoom sessions with their students to begin the morning of April 1st. Please see the links below for specific grade level schedules to find the days assigned for each curricular area that will be provided as learning opportunities at this time.

Elementary Resource Center

4-5 Intermediate Resource Center

Middle School Resource Center

High School Resource Center

***New Information by the Department of Education***

Iowa Educational Resources 

Zoom Information

Please watch this how-to video on how to connect your child in Zoom – 

Zoom How-To Set Up Link
Additional Zoom Information –
ZOom Tips & Tricks

Administrator Contact Information

Superintendent – Jacy Large – jlarge@wmcsd.org
High School Principal – Kristian Einsweiler – keinsweiler@wmcsd.org
4-8 Principal – Jake Randall – jrandall@wmcsd.org
PK-3 Principal Nanette Smith – nsmith@wmcsd.org

Building Phone Number

District Office – 641-483-2660
High School – 641-483-2136
Middle School – 641-483-2165
Elementary – 641-483-2671