Start With Hello was presented by the High School Student Council members on September 23.  This program was to help show students how to start a conversation and help other peers if they see them struggling.
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ISU vs IA Change Wars is a yearly friendly competition among the 6th, 7th & 8th graders, that is ran by the MS Student Council kids. The last several years different charities have been selected to have the money donated to.  This year they once again selected the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to give the money too.  Congratulations on another great donation.

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On Tuesday, October 29th, students in the 7th grade PBL program presented their business plans to members of the State Center Development Association and Central State Bank. Groups were asked to create a plan for a business that could go in one of the buildings that the SCDA had remodeled or on one of their empty lots. The guests provided them with feedback on their ideas and entrepeneurship in general. Special thanks to Chris Brinkmeyer, Nicki Christianson, Julie Riley, hunter Wilkening, Doug Riley, Everett Halsted, Warren Mueller. Jim Eckhardt, Mike Eckhardt and Jim Figgins for taking time out of their own work days to meet with our students.

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Building the Future was an engineering challenge day hosted by Tau Beta Pi, the National Engineering Honor Society at ISU.  One this day they hosted hosted several different elementary, middle and high school students, allowing them to “try-out” different types of engineering.  The activities represent things that an engineer might do to help a town hit by a severe storm of tornado.
Activities- Wind Tunnel-Observe what a tornado or high winds can do to buildings. Learn what makes tornados and high winds so destructive.
Bridge Building- Storms have destroyed the bridge that connects two parts of the town. Construct a bridge to get emergency vehicles from one side of the river to the other. Minimize cost while maximizing strength
Wind Power-Storms have knocked out electricity utilities and infrastructure. Construct a wind turbine to provide light and electrical power.
77288653 1156486677874490 7396839118652571648 n 75279366 1156486597874498 2515378112645038080 n 78253001 1156486537874504 2950080505816547328 n 75380493 1156486491207842 7085741563522842624 n 72462266 1156486474541177 2178763057298145280 nSoil & Water Contamination-An underground storage tank has been damaged and a well has become polluted.  Determine where the pollution goes. Chemicals have spilled on the ground. See how this affects the soil and water. Find out if an Artisan well can provide water without pumps.   
Mr. Chesler, Mr. Peden and Ms. Clough took some of our 7th & 8th graders to this fun event and was able to do lots of hands on work and thinking.  Weuve group won windmill generating electricity and Kylie Andrews group won the bridge building best structure. Great Job!


Trojan games/1st Semester

Healthy Living Resource Fair was held on Jan 16th. Several people came to talk about making healthy choices in several areas.  Amy Clark talked about nutrition, Central State Bank on budgeting your money.  Mental health, Yoga, public safety and others.       Pictures

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