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Jul 10, 2020

Trojan Tot Preschool Deadline 7/17/20

Trojan Tots Families:

*Families will be notified about wraparound childcare on Monday, June 20.

*Preschool session/teacher assignments will be sent out via email on July 29.

Email Nanette if you have questions.

Thank you for choosing West Marshall….and your patience!

Trojan Tot Preschool announcement

School Board Approves Changes for Trojan Tot Preschool Programming NOW Combining 3 year olds and 4 year olds, 4 days a week Starting this Fall 2020. 

The board of education also announces it will add the option of wrap-around care for 16 preschool students (all day) who are enrolled in Trojan Tot Preschool as 3 or 4 year old.

Families wishing to sign-up for Wrap-Around Care must do so by Noon July 17th. Notification of those selected through a lottery process will be notified Monday-Tuesday July 20-21.

Only 16 seats available at this time for wrap-around care.

 SIGN-UP HERE, call the elementary or email Nanette Smith Principal ( to sign-up for the lottery to determine admission to the program.

Program Changes:

UPDATES to the 2020-21 Trojan Tot Program Model

Combine 3 and 4 year old programs to 5 sections. 

  • AM Combo 3 and 4/ PM Section Combo 3 and 4
  • AM Combo 3 and 4/ PM Section Combo 3 and 4
  • AM Combo 3 and 4 only Section 

***Addition of Wrap-Around Care for 3 and 4 year olds in the afternoon only.


Wrap-Around Care Structure:

Payment Structure:

We are wanting to align the cost similar to our extended care programs currently in place. Looking at the wrap-around care program we will charge a rate of 5.00 dollars per hour from 11:15-3:15 4 hours per day. In addition to normal 3 year old tuition and transportation. Students also may attend our 6 to 6 program allowing flexibility for parents.

Parent Information to be Communicated:

Lottery for Enrolling into Wrap-Around Care would be announced on July 10th. We will directly communicate with those families who have currently signed up for preschool and invite them to consider wrap-around care services and to register for a lottery (only if those who request it are greater than maximum seats as of noon on Friday the 17th.) We will send out a media release and post through social media the options and sign-up process for wrap-around care so those who were not sending students due to the lack of full day care would then have a potential option of such. 


If we have more students than available seats (due to space and certification guidelines through DHS) we will perform a random lottery-sort through excel spreadsheets at 12:30 PM with 3 witness present . Once the lottery-sort is complete we will start contacting those families in consecutive order to confirm a placement in the program, (asking families to confirm within 48 hours) that they accept placement in the wrap-around program. This allows those on the waiting list to have sufficient time to inform day-cares of the families participating.