Effective July 1, 2023, Iowa Code § 279.80 added by the 2023 Iowa HF mandates that each school district must require that the parent or guardian of each student enrolled in the school district acknowledges receipt of the applicable student handbook, either in writing or electronically.

To complete this requirement, ALL parents/guardians MUST:

  1.  Review the applicable handbook(s) for their student(s).
  2. Complete the Electronic Acknowledgment of Student Handbooks.

Below are links to the respective building handbooks applicable for the 2023-2024 school year that must be published annually, on or before the beginning of the school calendar.  These handbooks provide basic information related to the expectations of students in the grade level or attendance center to which the student handbook applies, including information related to academics, attendance, discipline, health and safety, and daily schedules. YOU ARE ONLY REQUIRED TO ACKNOWLEDGE THE HANDBOOK(S) FOR THE SCHOOL YOUR STUDENT ATTENDS.

Please review the handbook(s) for your student.

  1. High School Handbook

  2. Middle School Handbook

  3. 4-5 Intermediate Handbook

  4. Elementary Handbook

  5. Preschool Trojan-Tots Handbook

YOU MUST COMPLETE the ELECTRONIC ACKNOWLEDGMENT FORM by Tuesday, August 22nd, 2023 after reviewing the applicable handbook(s).

Note:  Acknowledgment does NOT necessarily agree to the contents, it is simply acknowledging you received the handbook electronically.