Free and Reduced Forms

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Free and Reduced Waiver:

REMINDER!  IF YOU QUALIFY for Free/Reduced meals, you may also be eligible for other benefits including a full or partial waiver of school fees.  In order to be considered for/approved for these additional benefits, you must complete the additional waiver either:

  1. By completing the included Waiver Statement or
  2. Completing the ONLINE 2024/2025 waiver form (recommended).  Click here to complete the waiver.
  • If your student qualified under “house hold eligibility status for lunch costs” you may qualify for all other district fees based on your income determination for lunch.
  • If you do NOT fill out this waiver for EACH SCHOOL YEAR, you WILL BE CHARGED FULL PRICE for all other fees the district may assess.

Health forms

Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan (pdf)

Diet Modification Form (PDF)

Asthma Action Plan (PDF)

Authorization for Daily Medicine (PDF)

Religious Exemption Immunization Form (PDF)

Medical Exemption Immunization Form (PDF)

Exchange of Information Form (PDF)

Certificate of Vision Screening (PDF)

Certificate of Immunization (PDF)

Certificate of Dental Screening (PDF)

504 Release Form (PDF)