A week at West
Marshall Elementary School


Sep 20

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Sep 21

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Sep 22

  • 4 PM - 5 PM

    Building Use

    Close Dialog
    4:00 PM

    Location: H.S. Gym


Sep 23

  • 6:40 AM - 7:40 AM

    Building Use

    Close Dialog
    6:40 AM

    Location: Weight Room

  • 7 PM - 9 PM

    Building Use

    Close Dialog
    7:00 PM

    Location: H.S. Gym


Sep 24

  • 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

    Building Use

    Close Dialog
    6:30 PM

    Location: M.S. Cafe


Kindergarten Reading, Phonics, Writing and Math OH MY!

Phonics- Students have been working on positional words and are now starting to focus more on initial sounds and rhyming. Reading- Students are learning and practicing expectations and routines for reading stations. Students are practicing how to read with a partner and read privately. Writing- Students are learning how to make books and also learning strategies to help them include pictures and words on every page. Math: Students are studying studying numbers 0-5. Writing, counting, and finding hidden partners (small numbers inside of large numbers).

Meet our principal

Nanette Smith nsmith@wmcsd.org

Welcome to West Marshall Elementary! Our school is full of students that are excited to learn and a staff that is engaged, eager to grow, and committed to the growth of all or our students. We are grateful to have families that are passionate about their child’s education and a supportive community base. Our school has programs that support the growth of all children both academically and socially to ensure they are prepared for the future.

We welcome you to share questions, feedback, or celebrations! Please feel free to contact me at:
West Marshall Elementary
209 3rd Street SW
State Center, IA 50427