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2nd Grade exploration!

~2nd grade team (Logan Barnes, James Lloyd, Christy Sams, Kylie Cory) Second graders are working hard to build a solid foundation for the rest of their education. Some important skills they're learning include collaborating with others in groups and "clubs", using kind words and actions, and being responsible for themselves in their work and materials. Second graders are learning a lot about reading - they're learning about reading smoothly with expression and fluency all the time, and right now they're learning about strategies to keep track of their nonfiction books, like being able to recognize text structures and how authors section books, and then using that to track main ideas and details of sections before putting it all together for that book and then that topic. Their writing is also focused on nonfiction - they are writing informational books that teach others about something that involves force and/or motion. They're learning to use an organizer to get their ideas and details written down and then using that to write a table of contents. They are also exploring ideas like using ideas from mentor texts, writing an introduction and conclusion, adding "extras", including technical "lingo", and making revisions to make their book the best it can be! In math second graders are adding and subtracting numbers up to 1,000. They're using lots of different strategies to compose and decompose numbers, including compensation, the vertical method, the arrow way, number bonds (making the nearest 10/100), and place value charts. They're also using the Read-Draw-Write-Check process to solve story problems. Each second grade class has a different Science or Social Studies focus, but each class cycles through all of the topics through the year. Mrs. Barnes' class is studying the use and conservation of natural resources through primary and secondary source material. Mr. Lloyd's class is modeling erosion and then studying the effects and preventative steps. Mrs. Sams' class is learning about seeds and plants, leading up to creating a model that could disperse seeds over a large area. Mrs. Cory's class is learning all about matter and how it changes with a variety of experiments. Growth mindset is an important idea that second graders live out every day. It means that making mistakes is how we learn, and that if they didn't understand, it's okay, because they just didn't understand - YET! Second grade is a community that works together and supports each other through all of our learning, mistakes and all!

Meet our principal

Josh Russell jrussell@wmcsd.org

It is my pleasure to serve you as elementary principal this year! My name is Josh Russell, and this is my tenth year in educational leadership. Prior to becoming principal, I had many experiences including teaching art, coordinating TAG programming, coaching football, track, wrestling, and cross country, leading an elementary building, and serving as a curriculum director. My educational background includes a Bachelor’s Degree from Simpson College and a Master’s of Educational Leadership from Iowa State University. I hope to continue lifelong learning and model for students and teachers that we never stop learning. Learning through failure and growth is a part of life!

I am blessed to be a husband to my wife Cheryl and the father of three awesome kids: Regan (15), Camryn (13), and Lincoln (10). They are the love of my life and spending time with them and watching them do what they are passionate about is something that I truly enjoy.

My goal for this year is to learn about our school community and continue to pursue the good work of our staff, maintain a focus on building relationships, foster a positive school culture, and align instruction with practices that will have impact on student learning.

I have been around smaller schools nearly my whole career and admire the pride and commitment that the community invests in our students. We have so much to offer our students and I am extremely appreciative to be asked to continue the strong work of the West Marshall School District and to grow and foster a positive climate where we all learn together!

My door is always open to a conversation. Proud to be a Trojan!

Mr. Josh Russell