Trojan News

May 25, 2022

2023 Available Busing to the MELBOURNE POOL Starting June 5th (Mondays and Thursdays)

2023 Bus to Melbourne Available Starting Monday, June 5th
(Every Monday and Thursday to Follow-Pending Weather)

Cost to ride is $3.00 (per child) and needs to be paid before loading the bus. Please bring exact change!

NOTE:  The $4.25 daily admission is paid directly to the Melbourne Pool Melbourne Parks and Rec Homepage (which is not affiliated with WMCSD).

ALL children MUST be 7 years old to ride the bus or enter the pool and not be accompanied by an adult. (West Marshall Child Care Staff are not responsible for children not enrolled in the 6 to 6 program).

Families have the option to purchase a $35.00 bus pass (per child) for the summer at our Superintendent’s Office. This will cover your child’s ride to and from the pool for the 2023 summer season (pending closures due to weather).  Refunds will not be given.

Bus loads on the WEST SIDE of the Elementary at 12:30 PM, loads at 3:30 pm from the pool, and should return back to the west side of the Elementary around 3:45 PM.

Children will not be allowed to ride without the form completed.

Melbourne Pool Transportation Permission Form

  • ALL Children must be 7 years old (or approved with accompanied adult), up to 16 years old.
    I agree to bring exactly $3.00 each time for my child to ride the bus to the Melbourne Pool OR I agree to purchase a $35.00 bus pass (per child) for the summer at our Superintendent's Office. I agree that my child is at least 7 years old and will not be the responsibility of West Marshall employees while (onsite) at the pool or if under the age of 7, will be accompanied by an adult who will render care for the child. I understand that my child must ride the bus to AND from the pool and may not leave the pool at any time or be picked up by any individual while at the pool and taken elsewhere (including home). I understand that my child is responsible to pay the Melbourne Pool directly for admission. *Melbourne Pool Admission is $4.25 Daily. *Bus Departure from the Elementary (West Side) is 12:30 PM *Bus Departure from the Melbourne Pool is 3:30 PM. *Pool operation is subject to weather. Parents will be notified regarding cancelations and closures via the email provided above.