Rental fees associated with building use apply to groups, families, parties, etc. that do not include all West Marshall students and cannot be considered a club, youth event, or student event that directly benefits our West Marshall students.  Rental fees also apply to any and all groups that are receiving payment for their services.

Community Use Agreements

Reservation and usage of school facilities
  • Please complete the necessary forms to rent the school facilities. Enter group and/or name renting facility above.
  • Please enter contact phone number
  • Please enter your email
  • Please mark your preferred choice for facility rental. Please read the Non-School Sports Gym Use Contract policy 905.1E3
  • 90 minute sessions(or less depending on need) please indicate time requested.
  • Any additional information you feel we may need for the rental.
  • You are agreeing to the required proof of insurance for usage of our building rentals.
  • You are agreeing to our fees associated with the rental of our facilities.
  • **REQUIRED** Please sign your name that you agree to all of our terms as indicated in board policies.