Welcome to the new Bound!  We are excited for this new adventure and hope you are all also.  There has been many updates since we started this process.  So here’s to hoping we can answer some questions.
How do I find my School?

Bookmark this link or once you have gotten to the Varsity Bound page in the upper right corner and type in West Marshall.  link

How do I find a list of my sporting events?

Choose your sport there on the left and click on it.  Once the sport loads you will see options with drop down.  So if you are looking for an 8th grade game you would click on schedule. Once the schedule comes up, just to the left is says Varsity, if you click on that it will give you a drop down and you can choose 8th grade and it will get you all the dates for those events.

How do I find no sporting events on the calendar?

If you click on the word calendar in the middle, it will take you to a new page.  You can change your view to week or month option.  At the top of the calendar you will see activities in the center.  If you use the drop down you will see many options.  So if you choose Band and then select Apply Filter, and if you are in “month” view you can go through each month and see what activities the band has going on and what time.