Welcome to the new Bound!  We are excited for this new adventure and hope you are all also.  There has been many updates since we started this process.  So here’s to hoping we can answer some questions.
How do I find my School?

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How do I find a list of my sporting events?

Choose your sport there on the left and click on it.  Once the sport loads you will see options with drop down.  So if you are looking for an 8th grade game you would click on the word Varsity and a drop down appears, choose 8th grade (or whatever you are looking for). Once you selected that option it will update the screen, once the screen is updated you can click on schedule and the schedule for 8th grade games will appear.



How do I find non sporting events on the calendar?

If you click on the word calendar in the middle, it will take you to a new page.  You can change your view to week or month option.  Right next to the word “week” is a symbol of a filter, click on that and you will see a drop down option just below where you are at.  You will see the word activities and to the very right is an arrow down, it will then bring up a list of activities where you will then be able to find Choir, band, drama or no school days.