Trojan News

Jun 29, 2020

New Middle School Principal Mr. Robert Tollefson

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West Marshall Community School District is pleased to announce Mr. Robert (Bob) Tollefson as the NEW 4th-8th Grade Principal beginning July 1st.

This comes following the transfer of Mr. Jake Randall to the High School Principal role.

Mr. Tollefson comes to us from Pekin, Iowa as the 7-12 principal and prior to that has spent 15 years in the Davenport (West) School District as a middle school and high school administrator. Bob first started his teaching career as a math teacher at Pekin CSD. Bob is a graduate of Iowa State University and West Marshall CSD. Mr. Tollefson has spent 20+ years teaching, leading and receiving aclamades for student achievement and supporting growth of students both academically and behaviorally. 

Bob brings with him his wife Andrea (teacher) and 3 children who will enroll at West Marshall in the Fall (11th, 9th and 7th grade). “West Marshall is honored to bring Bob onboard in this principalship role. His ability has been proven and our interview selection committee members were pleased to have Bob surface to the top as our new lead for both buildings”, shared Jacy Large. 

Bob has proven himself when it comes to developing coursework and making options for advanced learners and creating a collaborative climate with students who are considered at-risk. For all students and families Mr. Tollefson is eager to meet everyone. His enthusiasm is contagious and his passion for education is what sets him apart. 

Mr. Tollefson agreed upon a salary of $104,500 as a one year contract for the 2020-21 school year. Bob will be afforded the opportunity to negotiate a two year contract following a successful completion of year one as determined by West Marshall Board of Education for the 21-23 school years