WM Free Enterprise 2022-2023

Mission Statement

Learning to operate a business and providing for our community

The West Marshall Free Enterprise class is a semester-long class that blends the elements of entrepreneurship and production to create an authentic learning experience for the students involved in the course. We use our relationships within and outside our school community to sell and produce custom products. This unique opportunity is something that sets our departments apart from others in the area.

The class is run and operated by the students, the teachers oversee all operations and control the money. Decisions are based on student ideas, survey information, and anecdotal information collected by students. The teachers just provide the framework and structure for the class, everything within there is done by students.

The Free Enterprise class has been offered at West Marshall High School for more than 20 years. The class offers students the opportunity to learn how a business is run.  We start the class by figuring out what products we want to offer and compare the prices to competitors’ prices. We then base our prices off of what our customers and competitors are telling us. We send out a survey to our community and gauge their reaction to various products, some were new ideas while others are the same products offered for the last 20 years. Based on product survey data  we decide what to offer if it aligns with the cost and profit margin. Our customer base consists of members of our surrounding communities which include Rhodes, Clemons, Ames, Melbourne, and Marshalltown Iowa.

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