mtss intervention information

Intervention is part of a multi-tier system of support (MTSS) that is available for students at West Marshall. It can be called many different things. We call it Trojan Time in kindergarten through third grade, RTI in fourth and fifth grade and literacy skills or math lab classes in middle school. Teachers use data from standardized assessments like ISASPs, screeners like FAST, classroom data and diagnostic assessments to determine which students would benefit from a given intervention. Students’ progress is monitored throughout the intervention to determine its effectiveness and student growth. Intervention groups are usually fluid and students may move in and out of them depending on their need. For more information about intervention, please contact your building’s instructional coach.

Here is a link to the new WM K-8 Intervention plan.  

Questions you can contact

Tara Pfantz @ for K-3 grades

Mari Haley @ for 4-8th grades