health-cdc-nurse information

When absences are necessary, parents are to notify the school’s office as soon as possible.  If a child is too ill to participate in scheduled classroom activities and learning, parents need to make alternative plans. The staff of WM receive both health and safety training.  Precautionary measures are taken when handling body fluids.  

Our district nurse, Ms. McKenna Grunhovd, will reference the following IDPH document (last updated 1/2022) often when making determinations for exclusion for school. Please contact her with any questions at 641-483-2671 or

Guidelines for sickness/health issues. IDPH Document (PDF)

Other information about leaving school early for sickness can be found in your grade level handbook located under the parents tab.

Student Health Requirements by the State of Iowa state website


WMCSD Sick Policy  PDF


Kindergarten Health requirements   2023 KG letter (PDF)


Health forms

Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan (pdf)

Diet Modification Form (PDF)

Asthma Action Plan (PDF)

Authorization for Daily Medicine (PDF)

Religious Exemption Immunization Form (PDF)

Medical Exemption Immunization Form (PDF)

Exchange of Information Form (PDF)

Certificate of Vision Screening (PDF)

Certificate of Immunization (PDF)

Certificate of Dental Screening (PDF)

504 Release Form (PDF)


Medication Distribution (PDF)