Bussing information

The school bus is considered an extension of West Marshall School.  Therefore, student behavior expectations in the school building are expected on the bus.  It is a privilege to ride the school bus.  The school may exclude a student from riding on a bus if his/her behavior becomes abusive or determined detrimental to the welfare of other students.
Each building has it’s own rules and discipline actions:

Middle School

Intermediate School 

Elementary School


Bus Passes

Reminder that bus passes are only issued if there is room on the bus.  To have a bus pass issued both parents must contact the office of their building to request this pass.  We are asking for a 24 hour request notice for these passes as we have a few buses that we are at max on.


About Our Department

Welcome to the 2023-2024 school year.    If your child will not be riding or issues should arrive you can call 641-483-2684, leave a message if needed.  We have 10 full time routes in the am/pm along with preschool routes during the day and activity routes at 5:00 pm after the middle school practices end.  Once we have routes figured out, we will get information out to everyone.
Here is to a great school year!
Staff please us the link below for your transportation needs.


Transportation use for ALL out of season camps: Coaches/Staff need to cover the cost of a van or bus rental at the current set rates.  VAN usage current rate is $0.56/mile.  If you as the coach/staff member are driving the van, there is no additional cost for a staff driver; if a driver is needed the cost is $15.00/hour.  BUS usage current rate is $1.20/mile plus $15.00/hour if a staff driver is needed.  Parents are NOT allowed to drive vans or buses unless they are employees of the school or school board members.

Transportation Approvals


Meet Our Team

Transportation Staff Contacts

Staff Member Title Email
Michelle Wilson Office Assistant and Router mwilson@wmcsd.org 641-483-2684
Corey Sawyer Mechanic csawyer@wmcsd.org 641-483-2684
Curt Sawyer Shared Director